Resort retail sales and marketing maximizes profitability for a community’s sales life to capture new opportunities for revenue.

The Principals of Land Advisors Resort Solutions have been immersed in resort, hospitality, and private club planned communities throughout the United States in multiple disciplines for over 20 years.  While many real estate professionals can tout their transaction experience, none can match our experience in the complex context of the resort arena.  We will leverage this experience to your strategic and financial benefit.

Resort Real Estate Advisory

Land Advisors Resort Solutions works alongside the Land Advisors Organization brokers nationwide, land owners, project developers, land planners, consultants, club management and amenity designers to maximize marketability and profitability for a community’s sales life to capture new opportunities for revenue. This level of engagement will include an onsite visit, comprehensive assessment review with the client regarding all matters affecting the saleability of the project and exhaustive needs list to reach the market. This service is unique to our clients, offering valuable insight into not only what the asset’s current marketability, but what it will take to make the asset meet its full potential on a retail basis.

A sales and marketing plan is essential to effectively prepare the strategy, tactics, projections and budgets necessary to meet the sales goals for the year. The plan will provide a complete understanding of how the market is performing, set realistic sales targets and detailed marketing strategy necessary to meet the sales goals. The entire program is set against a detailed revenue, marketing and operations budget to clarify the overall cost of sales for the client.

Sales and Marketing Management

Nothing happens without sales. We firmly believe this is the key to a successful business plan for our clients.

The most important phase of selling resort real estate is effectively managing the sales and marketing process to deliver buyers and close sales. Coordinating the execution of a highly-orchestrated and time sensitive program will require experienced leadership that understands each facet of the sales campaign and the marketing that is needed to drive lead generation. Depending upon the unique situation of the client, whether a reservation campaign to solidify capital, an initial launch program, or managing ongoing sales as part of a re-launch strategy, you can rely on Land Advisors Resort Solutions partners.

Land Advisors Resort Solutions manages the marketing agency, budgets, timelines, tactics and messaging to ensure a seamless transition from prospecting, to sales programming, to the closing table.  We continue to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing program and sales teams with daily and weekly reporting on lead generation, lead quality and conversion ratios that become part of the client’s detailed reporting system.


Our services offer a developer key strategic insights and recommendations for their project from infancy to sell-out. Land Advisors Resort Solutions works closely with a proven consortium of strategic partners, providing research and experience-based consulting to our clients in each of the following segments of project development:

Our involvement in each of these segments early on ensures that the project is properly positioned in the mind of the consumers, ultimately leading to an accelerated rate of absorption. Naturally, a carefully detailed strategic plan to accelerate rate of absorption will yield higher revenue for our developer clients, and as a result, attract necessary capital from investors. Land Advisors Resort Solutions works alongside our developer partners in an effective consulting role in order to solidify the planning process and assist in crafting a plan to attract new partners for our clients.

Exit Strategy Valuation

Utilizing the distinctive capabilities of our affiliate companies and brokers across North America, Land Advisors Resort Solutions will craft the optimal execution strategy to meet your desired objectives. With our deep market insight and global investor reach, our advisors have direct access to equity capital with leading private and institutional investors and lenders to facilitate successful transactions quickly and at the highest returns possible.