Resort community asset brokerage requires the specialized skills and leadership to accelerate sales and maximize return value.

To achieve maximum potential return as quickly as possible, the disposition of resort properties requires qualified knowledge and in-depth market research to understand what similar resorts are producing in the current market environment. Many times what is not so clear is what should be done to put the asset back on sound financial footing and position it for profitably into the future. In order to provide the most comprehensive solutions possible, Land Advisors Resort Solutions will evaluate the asset’s current market value, positioning, and future retail potential at once and then outline a high-level strategy to capitalize on each for the client.

Market Power

Land Advisors Resort Solutions is the clear market leader in the disposition of resort, master-planned and highly-amenitized properties across North America. With the full support and experience of the nation’s largest land brokerage company, Land Advisors Organization, our Resort Solutions team possesses the power to connect your asset to the right prospective prospects through a number of proprietary channels.

Information is the foundation for all wise land decisions. The best advisor can become more effective when they combine their experience with the most current and relevant information available. Using our proprietary mapping system and unrivaled land information system, we are able to customize the display of information to show the data most relevant to the client and the situation. Savvy investors and capital partners continue to rely on the experts with Land Advisors Resort Solutions to find, secure and sell the most desirable resort locations in the market today.


The most valuable consideration for evaluating a resort community is fully vetting the future retail potential it may produce. Our unique experience allows our team to quickly assess the situation and offer real world solutions in land planning, club operations, amenities, and product positioning to accelerate sales on the retail market. This unique strategic perspective offers our clients comprehensive solutions paired with experience throughout the sales and marketing process.

Strategic Leadership

It is impossible to understand the complex nature of resort and luxury second home communities without a clear appreciation of the overall competition in the market, club operations, land planning, and the life cycle of sales with retail buyers. A key strategic advantage to Land Advisors Resort Solutions is our unmatched leadership in preparing our investor clients to manage the gap between disposition of the asset and the new owner’s retail sales. We clearly understand the necessity to anticipate market strategy, stabilize the asset during transition, and accelerate sales throughout the process in order to return maximum value for both the seller and the new investor. Long term success for the property is protected by providing a seamless transition from one owner to the next while simultaneously managing the expectations of the existing owners, prospects, club members and sales teams in place.


We offer Resort Community Asset Brokerage to asset classes including destination resorts, resort-style communities, luxury primary and secondary home communities, hospitality and highly-amenitized second home destinations that include golf, waterfront, mountainside and oceanfront locales.  We connect these properties to their highest potential using our tested partners in the fields of development, capital, debt, planning and architecture to create the most attractive asset package and merchandise it to our investor database worldwide.

Once under contract, Land Advisors Resort Solutions will then engage ownership in an assessment of its Resort Sales and Marketing potential on a retail sales campaign. This is extremely valuable insight, offering a full-scale marketing and sales business plan whereby investors in the resort industry can clearly see a path to successful revenue returns through a strategic and tactical plan for retail sales.