Our five core elements of service are
custom-tailored to create lasting value.

Our proprietary Resort Solutions Spectrum covers the continuum of Resort Community Asset Brokerage, Transactional Asset Management, and Resort Sales and Marketing for onsite sales operations. The key operational factors that affect the successful brokerage of resort sales on the wholesale or retail markets are interdependent upon one another and must be part of an integrated solutions plan. Land Advisors Resort Solutions is the only provider in the market today offering expertise on both land brokerage and resort sales and marketing sides of the transaction.


The Resort Solutions Spectrum begins with a comprehensive review of various development strategies, determining what may be the best and highest use for a potential investor prospect to consider. The finished Assessment will not only provide the ownership with a realistic analysis of what the Property’s potential may be, but most importantly will guide the buyers in the process with a clear understanding of revenue potential for the asset against a retail sales program. The Assessment includes a site visit with the client and a full situational analysis of the Resort to determine its marketability during the asset brokerage phase.

Prospect Identification and Analysis

The next phase includes an analysis of the target market best equipped to invest and/or purchase the resort asset and what the key factors that may affect their decision making process may be. A list of pre-qualified prospects is developed, relying heavily upon unique industry connections and the Land Advisors worldwide networks of Brokers and Investors.


Following a comprehensive onsite analysis of the asset and consideration of alternative highest and best uses for the property, Land Advisors Resort Solutions will immediately begin to consider how to position the asset’s existing parcels, product, amenities and life-cycle of sales to meet the market. A positioning exercise will include creation of a sales pro-forma, pricing analysis of remaining inventory, product study and pricing, membership sales, and target demographic that will consider the investment. This positioning information will be used to begin creation of the retail marketing and sales strategy as well, offering a definitive look into the future revenue potential of the asset on the open market.

Comprehensive Marketing Program

Land Advisors Resort Solutions will utilize the best-in-class marketing resources within our organization to prepare a comprehensive marketing program to drive interest and the eventual sale of the project. Our unique marketing strategy includes accelerating the sales process with potential investors using a due diligence and sales investigation period, whereby serious investors are educated on the offering, terms and details and can proceed quickly into the transaction phase.

Transaction Negotiation and Closing

Often the most exciting part of the resort brokerage business is opening escrow and moving through the various due diligence issues that are part of every transaction. This process is highly orchestrated to ensure the desired results are achieved within the time-frame set out by the parties involved. As the largest land brokerage firm in the United States, no other company has successfully transacted more land sales than the Land Advisors Organization, and as part of this family of companies, Land Advisors Resort Solutions excels in making this process as seamless and efficient as possible using our team of in-house escrow specialists to close transactions.

Retail Resort Sales and Marketing

Often during the due diligence process, investors are interested in learning more about what the true marketability of the project. A major strategic advantage to Land Advisors Resort Solutions is our specific experience in marketing resorts across the globe during pre-launch, launch programming, tempo sales and sales operations management. Resort properties often retail at higher values than their general brokerage offerings and require a very specific skill set for the onsite sales and marketing team to achieve the partnership’s goals. Therefore we offer solutions for retail resort sales and marketing to bridge the gap for the property between prior sales and new sales using an urgency-based lead generation sales platform, allowing the project to generate and maintain revenues as quickly as possible.

Sales Management

A hallmark service of Land Advisors Resort Solutions is turn-key sales management for the resort industry. Our Senior Management team can deploy intensive management and sales talent to oversee all aspects of the onsite sales and marketing operations. This service is intimately involved in crafting the unique selling position, day to day management of the sales process, recruiting and training the sales team and delivering measurable results for ownership. Rather than relying on trial and error, allow our team of professionals in the business of selling resort-style properties to kick-start your sales and eliminate the start-up time for successful return of revenues.